MEB Science Policy 2020 - 2024 (ENG)

To provide guidance for our scientific activities, the MEB has identified eight themes we will invest in over the coming years. The themes relate to multiple domains of the life cycle of medicines: pre-registration, registration and post-registration.

For all themes, the MEB must find a regulatory response to developments within those themes, in collaboration with other registration authorities. Other forms of treatment, a more personalized approach to our health and changing legislation and regulations are just a few examples of this. Based on these developments, as an organization we continuously look critically at our own assessment processes and work on making improvements.

A status update on the Medicines Evaluation Board Science Policy 2020 - 2024

In April 2023 the brochure ‘Towards Tomorrow’ was published. This brochure which gives an update on the regulatory science activities conducted in light of the MEB Science Policy 2020-2024. It describes the scientific activities that have taken place in the last years with involvement of the MEB, and where we are currently working on. Many of these scientific activities are performed in collaboration with PhD students. To put them in the spotlight, we included interviews with 22 PhD students.