You can subscribe to the e-mail services of the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB).

You can subscribe to news messages and to documents. By doing so, you will automatically receive an e-mail as soon as a news message or a document appears on this website. To be notified of news messages, please go to the news overview page and select "Subscribe to latest news". To be notified of documents, please go to the documents overview page and select "Subscribe to the latest documents".

Notification per topic

You can also subscribe to news messages or documents relating to a specific subject. To do this, select the preffered topic on the page Topics. For instance, Falsified Medicines Directive. On that page you can subscribe to the topic by selecting "Subscribe to news about this topic".

It is also possible to receive notifications on documents relating to the topic. You can find these by selecting the link Documents on the topic page.

Notification per section

Select the preferred website section on the page Sections. On this page you can subscribe to all the notifications of this section. Or you can choose to receive notifications on the other pages in the section, such as news and documents.

Notification frequency

You can choose how often you would like to receive a notification:

  • immediately after publication of a news message,
  • once daily after 17:00, or
  • once weekly, on Monday morning.

Immediate notifications consist of only 1 publication. Daily and weekly notifications are summaries of all recently published publications within that timeframe.

Unsubscribing and managing of subscriptions

All the mails that you receive contain 2 links, namely:


By unsubscribing, you can immediately stop your subscription. You will need to confirm this.

By selecting "Manage subscriptions" you can change the subscription e-mail address. You can also see to which notifications you are subscribed.

Personal data

The MEB uses your e-mail address only for sending the notification to which you are subscribed. This is done in a safe manner by a company that manages the process of sending the notifications.