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  1. License holder registry

    The license holder registry contains data about the location where the marketing authorisation holder may perform certain ...

    Publication | 01-05-2024

  2. Presentations MEB Science Day 2024

    Publication | 16-04-2024

  3. Parallel import comparison form

    Form | 08-02-2024

  4. Declaration by the applicant pertaining to the application for a Duplex marketing authorisation (Model I) - Duplex with supplementary conditions

    Directive | 15-12-2023

  5. MEB 16: Duplex marketing authorisation

    A duplex marketing authorisation is a marketing authorisation for a product of which the dossier is identical to that of a ...

    Policy document | 15-12-2023

  6. Product types and fees, veterinary

    Publication | 27-11-2023

  7. MEB 39: Policy for assigning RVG numbers

    This document describes the Medicines Evaluation Board policy for assigning RVG numbers. This policy is based on the definitions ...

    Policy document | 02-10-2023

  8. Terms and conditions for package fee and reduced fee for copy DCP application - human products

    The term package fee entails that a group of products (each with an individual RVG number) is only billed once at the tariff ...

    Publication | 01-09-2023

  9. Guidance on the substantiation of Claims made on Animal Nutrition

    Policy document | 30-05-2023

  10. ATC codes and PT groups

    Publication | 24-05-2023