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Product types and fees, veterinary

Publication | 03-09-2018

Overview of approved compassionate use programmes

The MEB can give permission for bringing a medicinal product on the market that has not (yet) been granted a marketing...

Publication | 26-04-2018

Parallel import comparison form - new version

Form | 03-04-2018

MEB annual report 2017: Appendices

Publication | 28-03-2018

MEB 48: National informed consent application

An Article 10c 'Informed Consent' application (article 10c of Directive 2001/83/EC)  is an application for marketing...

Directive | 02-03-2018

Overview of license holders with a license for the importation of a veterinary medicinal product from outside the European Economic Area

This overview lists those parties who have obtained an authorisation for the importation of a veterinary medicine from outside...

Publication | 12-02-2018

Request form for permission to carry out tests with additives for animal feed

If you want to put animal feed on the market with an additive that has not (yet) been licensed, the additive has to be examined...

Form | 01-01-2018

Request form for permission to carry out tests with additives for animal feed: information to be provided by the applicant

Form | 01-01-2018

MEB 47: Assessment criteria for combination packages

The Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) has described the terms and conditions which are to be used to assess applications for...

Directive | 19-12-2017

Assessment report 2’-fucosyllactose, applicant FrieslandCampina Nederland B.V.

A report on the assessment of 2’-fucosyllactose by the company FrieslandCampina Nederland B.V. for substantial equivalence to...

Report | 19-12-2017