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  1. Parallel import comparison form

    Form | 17-11-2022

  2. MEB 14: Parallel importation: marketing authorisation and maintenance

    Parallel import is the importation – and subsequent marketing in the Netherlands – of a medicinal product authorised elsewhere in ...

    Policy document | 17-11-2022

  3. Register for internet trade in veterinary medicinal products

    Please find a list of the registered retailers that are entitled to offer veterinary medicinal products online (or internet ...

    Publication | 08-11-2022

  4. License holder registry

    The license holder registry contains data about the location where the marketing authorisation holder may perform certain ...

    Publication | 02-11-2022

  5. Product types and fees, veterinary

    Publication | 22-10-2022

  6. Q&A Internet trade in veterinary medicinal products

    Websites that offer veterinary medicines for sale on the internet must be registered and listed in the Register for the Internet ...

    Question and answer

  7. MEB 42: Renewal of medicinal products for human use authorised through the national procedure

    The MEB decides whether to renew the marketing authorisation for each product authorised through the national procedure.

    Policy document | 03-08-2022

  8. Vaccine in short for Nuvaxovid (Novavax)

    Publication | 01-07-2022

  9. Newsletter veterinary medicinal products for specific pet animals

    Newsletter | 03-06-2022

  10. Code list FOI Act

    Policy document | 01-05-2022