Working at the MEB

If you come to work at the MEB you will become a member of the Board or an employee of the Medicines Evaluation Board Agency. The Board is responsible for assessing, registering and monitoring the risk of medicines for human use. At the MEB Agency you will work alongside more than 350 colleagues on the preparation and implementation of the decisions taken by the Board. The MEB Agency also arranges the coordination of pharmacovigilance in the Netherlands and the assessment of veterinary medicines and novel foods.

A broad field of work

The Board is made up of a maximum of 17 doctors, pharmacists and scientists who all work in the medical field. Each Board member has his or her own specialism, such as oncology, paediatrics or epidemiology. Agency employees come from countries within Europe and elsewhere. They too have their own expertise. For example, some are specialist in the field of pharmacy, (veterinary) medicine, pharmacovigilance and IT. Other invaluable employees are specialists in the field of finance, legal affairs, HRM and communications. A great deal of research is also carried out within the organisation and that is why many of the employees are students studying PhDs or other courses.

Personal development

As an MEB employee you will also be given opportunities for personal development. For example, you will be able to attend courses at the European Network Training Centre, as well as courses offered by the government. In addition to all this the MEB regularly organises what is known as the 'Science Café'. This is an opportunity for researchers from within the MEB and elsewhere to give interesting lectures about their work. We also collaborate frequently with, among others, universities, patient associations and medicine authorities in other EU member states so that we can share our knowledge and learn from our partners.

Internship opportunities

If you are a Bachelor's or Master's student you can apply to do a (research) internship at the MEB. Internship periods are flexible. Students who do internships at the MEB often study Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacology, Communication and similar subjects.

If you would like to do an internship at the MEB, please fill in the internship application form and upload your CV.