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  1. Overview of license holders with a license for the importation of a veterinary medicinal product from outside the European Economic Area

    This overview lists those parties who have obtained an authorisation for the importation of a veterinary medicine from outside ...

    Publication | 10-02-2022

  2. Question and answer document concerning changes not covered by the Variation Regulation 1234/2008 (as amended by Regulation 712/2012)

    Policy document | 31-01-2022

  3. Question and answer document pertaining to variations for medicines for human use

    Policy document | 31-01-2022

  4. Withdrawal of marketing authorisation at the request of the marketing authorisation holder

    A marketing authorisation holder may decide to have their marketing authorisation withdrawn for various reasons. After completing ...

    Form | 01-01-2022

  5. Vaccine in short for Spikevax (Moderna) to prevent COVID-19

    Publication | 23-12-2021

  6. Vaccine in short for Comirnaty (BioNTech/Pfizer) to prevent COVID-19

    Publication | 23-12-2021

  7. Pictograms from the Positive list for medicine packages

    The MEB makes the following set of pictograms, including the established accompanying text, available for use on the medicine ...

    Policy document | 16-12-2021

  8. MEB 6: Labelling of pharmaceutical products

    The presentation of the primary and secondary packaging of a medicinal product are determining factors in the recognition of a ...

    Policy document | 16-12-2021

  9. MEB 5: Package leaflet of pharmaceutical products

    This policy document explains the policy regarding the package leaflet of pharmaceutical products in the Netherlands. Download ...

    Policy document | 16-12-2021

  10. Vaccine in short for the Janssen vaccine to prevent COVID-19

    Publication | 18-05-2021