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  1. MEB Science Day 2020 - Presentation Coen Stalpers

    Publication | 04-03-2020

  2. MEB Science Day 2020 - Presentation Roos Masereeuw

    Publication | 04-03-2020

  3. MEB Science Day 2020 - Presentation Peter van Meer

    Publication | 13-02-2020

  4. Declaration for the package leaflet of parallel imported products

    Form | 01-01-2020

  5. Explanation of the Interest Form - MEB-ZIN Parallel Procedures pilot

    Accelerating patient access to reimbursable innovative medicines has been on the wish list of the government, patient ...

    Publication | 10-07-2019

  6. List of patient-friendly terms for the package leaflet

    In order to optimise the readability of the package leaflet, the MEB has revised the list of patient-friendly terms. The list has ...

    Policy document | 28-06-2019

  7. Poster Renske ten Ham: Challenges in development and market authorisation of ATMP in Europe

    Publication | 04-06-2019

  8. Poster Tahira Nakchedi: Regulatory experience with non-clinical studies of cell-based therapy

    Publication | 04-06-2019

  9. Assessment report novel food status L-fucose

    Report | 24-05-2019

  10. MEB 21: Statement of ‘abbreviated indications’ on OTC medicinal product packaging

    Directive 2001/83/EC discusses European regulations on labelling. In accordance with Article 54(n), the outer packaging of ...

    Policy document | 10-05-2019