New issue of Regulatory Science Magazine

A significant portion of the potential anticancer medicines that reach the clinical phase do not make it to registration. This is a loss for patients, developers and society as a whole. Oncode-PACT aims to efficiently select the best medicine candidates in the preclinical phase, decreasing the risk and cost of failure and, ultimately, bringing anticancer medicines to the patient faster. You will read more about this in the 15th edition of our Regulatory Science Magazine.

A number of initiatives come together in Oncode-PACT, which focus on four research areas: small molecules, biologics, therapeutic vaccines, and cell and gene therapies. Friso Smit and Lourens Bloem talk about the aim of Oncode-PACT and what this means for the regulatory process, in an interview.

The ambitions of Oncode-PACT might require other working processes and expertise in regulatory assessment. “We are currently mapping the potential interactions between academia and regulators, during all sorts of procedures and in different stages of development, both product and non-product-related”, says Lourens Bloem. “In short: we need all parties at the table, in close collaboration.” 

In addition to the main interview, you will read more news in Regulatory Science Magazine 15, such as the latest research in which the MEB is involved. This includes publications and projects by Master students and PhD students.