Regulatory Science Magazine on 25 Years of Pharmacovigilance

The 12th edition of the Medicines Evaluation Board's Regulatory Science Magazine was published today. This issue focuses on 25 years of pharmacovigilance, the main topic of the MEB Science Day 2021.

This edition includes interviews with Sabine Straus (MEB / EMA), Eugène van Puijenbroek (Lareb / ​​RUG) and Bruno Stricker (IGJ / EMC). They each reflect from a different perspective on 25 years of pharmacovigilance in the Netherlands. Curious about their stories? Then visit

Bruno Stricker has been involved in pharmacovigilance for over 40 years. Among other things, he saw the amount of data grow enormously:

“Large data pools are a luxury. But at the same time, that also entails luxury problems. For example, one of the biggest fallacies in epidemiology is that in a large dataset problems will smooth out themselves. That is wrong: what is invalid data, remains invalid data.”

Sabine Straus is chair of the PRAC, the pharmacovigilance committee of the European Medicines Agency EMA. “Spontaneous reports of adverse events will of remain an important tool and smarter and more efficient ways of collecting them will take flight in the coming years.”

Eugène van Puijenbroek has been working at the Lareb side effects center for over 25 years. In his presentation he mainly focused on an important part of pharmacovigilance: the patient. “Technological developments will continue to occur and will help improve signal detection. But by focusing on what really matters, the patient, we will really improve the use of medicines. ”

In the online magazine you can read a report of the Science Day 2021 (held on February 18) and you can find the presentations of a number of speakers.

In addition to the MEB Science Day the magazine also pays ample attention to other developments in the field of Regulatory Science. For example, there are short interviews with Jeroen Koomen and Guilherme Ferreira, who both obtained their PhD in January 2021, and we asked two students about their research internship.