Our story: Good medicines used better

Anyone who uses medicines should be able to trust them. That is what the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) is working on each and every day. The MEB is an independent authority that regulates the quality, effects and safety of medicines and promotes the proper use of medicines for the right patient. Whether you are using a painkiller from your local chemist, or a treatment that is only available with a prescription from a medical specialist. From traditional to entirely new medicines. The MEB’s work involves medicines available in the Netherlands and - together with our European colleagues - medicines available across Europe.

The MEB works with society and for society. Its processes are transparent, and it works in direct partnership with patients, doctors, pharmacists and scientists. The MEB also initiates and promotes the sharing of knowledge, from scientific research to consumer information.

For example, the MEB maintains a knowledge base on medicines and their practical use. All of this means that the MEB makes a vitally important contribution to the welfare of everyone who uses medicines, whether they do so occasionally or daily.

Good medicines used better.

Video: the work of the MEB