Authorisation Contact Committee (CCR)

The Authorisation Contact Committee (CCR) is a consultation between the Medicines Evaluation Board and umbrella organisations for the pharmaceutical industry. During the meetings, topics of mutual interest are discussed and where possible agreements are made in order to solve common problems.

The CCR consists of representatives from:

  • HollandBIO. HollandBIO represents Dutch biotech companies in the medical, industrial and agro-food sector.
  • Bogin. Bogin – The Union of the Netherlands Generic Medicinal Product industry – represents the interests of manufacturers of generic medicinal products.
  • CBD. Central Office of Drugstore Companies. The CBD represents the members on the CCR who are marketing authorisation holders.
  • Association Innovative Medicines. The association for innovative medicinal products in the Netherlands represents pharmaceutical companies involved in the development and marketing of new and innovative medicinal products.
  • Neprofarm. Neprofarm is the Dutch Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Self-Care Medicines and Health Products, and represents the interests of manufacturers and importers of authorised branded medicinal products available without prescription.
  • VES. Association of Euro Specialités. The VES represents applicants for parallel marketing authorisations.

Regular CCR and Practice CCR

There are two different CCR meetings, the Regular CCR and the Practice CCR. During the Regular CCR, topics for discussion are primarily policy-related, such as new legislation and regulations and internal projects. Issues such as backlogs are also addressed. The Practice CCR is the place for discussing practical issues surrounding the review of applications. The status of the discussions by the CCR is recorded in this document.