Register of licences

The register of licences for the manufacture (F), import (I), wholesale (G) and retail trade (D) in veterinary medicines contains data of each (valid) marketing authorisation holder, including:

This part of our website is not up-to-date. The Veterinary Medicines Regulation has been in effect since 28 January 2022. The final national veterinary medicinal products legislation is not published yet. As soon as the final national veterinary medicinal products legislation is published, the Dutch web texts will be updated. Once these are ready, they will be translated into English. This will take some time. Therefore, check our website regularly for any updates.

  • the licence number and the abbreviation of the type of licence. A clarification of this abbreviation is stated on the licence types page.
  • the name of the marketing authorisation holder, the address and the location at which the marketing authorisation holder is allowed to perform certain production and/or distribution activities.

In addition to the register the following is an overview of:

  • marketing authorisation holders that have obtained a licence for the import of veterinary medicines from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The customs authorities monitor the import of, among other things, veterinary medicines;
  • licences which, during the recent period/month:
    • have been added to the register (new)
    • have been changed or suspended (if applicable)
    • have been withdrawn.

In the event that a licence for the manufacture (F) and/or import (I) has been granted, the information is also incorporated into the EudraGMP database.