Register of licences

The register of licences for the manufacture, import, wholesale and retail trade in veterinary medicinal products contains data from the location where the licence holder is allowed to perform certain activities, as stated in the licence. This is combined with the application number and the category of veterinary medicinal products from the licence.

This register also lists those who have obtained a licence for importing a veterinary medicinal product from outside the European Economic Area. Customs shall monitor this restriction. See also Requirements for importation (I).

When a decision to grant, change or revoke a licence has been issued, the information from the licence is processed in the FIGLDR register and published in the Government Gazette. In the case of a manufacturing or import licence, the information is also incorporated in the EudraGMP database.

Explanatory notes


  • Manufacture: performing one or more sub-operations that are essential in the manufacture, including preparation, handling, processing, labelling or packaging, including the filling and sealing of the primary packaging of the veterinary medicinal product;
  • Importation: bringing a veterinary medicinal product to the Netherlands from outside an EEA member state;
  • Wholesale: trading in veterinary medicinal products, with the exception of distribution to livestock holders;
  • Retail: trading in veterinary medicinal products, with a view to supplying livestock holders.

Indication of supply status of veterinary medicinal products:

  • VRIJ: Available without prescription;
  • URA: Only available at a veterinarian or with a prescription from a veterinarian at a pharmacy or supplier with a licence;
  • UDA: Only available at a veterinarian or with a prescription from a veterinarian at a pharmacy;
  • UDD: Only to be used by veterinarians.