Register of animal feed additives

An additive can only be used after a European authorisation has been obtained. This process passes through the European Commission.

Animal feed additives can be added to an animal feed or to water with a view to fulfilling a specific function. See also additives (add link).

For an overview of the additives permitted in animal feed, see the Register of Animal Feed Additives. The Registry is not a static list; changes are made on a regular basis.

The register contains links to the formal authorisation regulation of an additive. If a ‘name of the holder of authorisation’ is mentioned in an authorisation, this is the only company that may produce the additive. This applies to zootechnical additives, coccidiostats and histomonostats and if a GGO has been used.

The Register consists of two parts. The first part contains the current authorisations. The second part contains a list of additives that are no longer permitted in the short term for use in animal feed.