Feed materials

A feed material is a product of vegetable or animal origin, the main purpose of which is to meet the nutritional needs of animals and which is used for oral feeding.

The rules relating to the marketing and use of feed materials and compound feedingstuffs are included in Regulation 767/2009/EC, also known as the Market Regulation. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority monitors compliance with the Market Regulation.

Feed materials must be included in the annex to Regulation 68/2013/EC, also known as the Catalogue.

If a feed material is not included in the Catalogue, this feed material must be registered in the Feed Materials Register. This register falls under the responsibility of representatives of the European animal feed sector. No legal status can be derived from the listing of a particular product in the Feed Materials Register. Registrations that are added to the Catalogue at a given point in time are removed from the Feed Materials Register.

Compound feedingstuffs

Feed materials can be processed into compound feedingstuffs. A compound feedingstuff is a mixture of at least two feed materials with or without feed additives. A compound feedingstuff can be subdivided into complete animal feeds or supplementary animal feeds. The Animal Feed Market Regulation also applies to compound feedingstuffs.

Marketing an animal feed

Every company that produces, processes, stores, transports of sells animal feed must apply for a registration with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Companies where additional risks for food safety are at stake must apply for accreditation.

More information can be found on the website of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.