Dietetic feeds

Dietetic feeds are feeds with a special nutritional purpose that animals receive for their health in specific situations. For example, to support the kidneys in case of chronic kidney problems. Dietetic feeds are distinguished by their special composition or applied process of both ordinary and medicinal animal feeds.

The legal basis for dietetic feeds is laid down in European Regulation 767/2009/EC. In addition, the law interprets the special nutritional purpose of a dietetic food as:

‘to meet the specific nutritional requirements of certain categories of animals whose digestive or absorption mechanism, or metabolism, is temporarily or irreparably disturbed or may be temporarily or irreparably disturbed, and which may therefore benefit from the ingestion of animal feed adapted to their condition.’

Dossier requirements

If you would like to file an application for authorisation of a dietetic feeder, a dossier must be included. In this dossier, the particular nutritional purpose claimed must be substantiated with data. No further specific requirements apply for compiling the dossier. The procedure to be followed is described in Regulation 767/2009/EC.

There is a transition procedure for high-concentrate products. These are feed materials or supplementary animal feeds with additives that contain more than 100 times the maximum levels that apply to a complete animal feed. The products on this Transition List of high-concentrate products may remain on the market if an application as dietetic feed has been submitted prior to 1 September 2010.

You must submit an application for authorisation of a dietetic feeder, together with this dossier, to the European Commission. The authorisation for dietetic feed passes through the SCOPAFF (Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed - Section Animal Nutrition). The Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit supports the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in the Dutch contribution to this Standing Committee of the European Union.

Do you still have questions after reading this information? For more information, please contact the Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit.

Authorised dietetic feeds

All authorised dietetic feeds within the EU are included in the list of destinations covered by Directive 2008/38/EC.