Form for specifying an e-mail address for receipt of digital decisions

As from 1 October, the Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit will no longer send marketing authorisations in hard copy. We ask all Marketing Authorisation Holders of veterinary medicinal products (MAHs) to provide an e-mail address where they will receive the decisions electronically.

Providing an e-mail address

Please provide your e-mail adress using this form. For example:

Furthermore, all MAHs must specify the contact person of their organisation.  

This form must be completed for each MAH separately. For each MAH, please provide a statement showing that the specified contact person and the specified e-mail address are valid.

The statement must contain:

  • Your logo as a MAH
  • Name and address of the contact person and an e-mail address where all decisions about veterinary medicines can be sent
  • A signature of an official who works for the MAH
  • Place and date of signature.

The form may therefore not be signed by, for example, a consultant.

More information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the VMPU.