All MEB correspondence on human medicines will in future be sent by email

From 1 July 2022, all correspondence from the Medicines Evaluation Board on human medicines will be sent by email. Correspondence on veterinary medicines will continue to be sent by post. 

The Medicines Evaluation Board previously sent all case-related correspondence on human medicines by post. Where this correspondence concerned applications or scientific advice, it was sent to the applicant. Correspondence relating to variations was sent to the marketing authorisation holder (MAH) specified on the application form (AF). From 1 July, the Medicines Evaluation Board will send all this correspondence by email (pdf versions of the letters and the relevant appendices). All correspondence will be sent to the email address of the contact person for the relevant case as specified on the AF by the applicant or MAH. If no AF has been submitted, all correspondence will be sent to the person specified in the accompanying letter as the contact person for all correspondence. 

If there is a good reason why you would rather not or cannot receive correspondence on a particular case by email, please report this to the case manager for the relevant case.

The Medicines Evaluation Board has worked hard in the past period to make it possible for our correspondence to be sent by email. The digitalisation of our correspondence is in keeping with the wishes of many of our clients. This digitalisation has been regularly discussed in the Contact Committee on Authorisation (CCR), in which the Medicines Evaluation Board consults with the industry’s umbrella organisations in The Netherlands. Any questions about the digitalisation will be addressed at the next meeting of the Contact Committee on Authorisation in July. 


If you have any questions about this article, please contact Edith Boons, Head of the Case Management and Implementation Group. If you have any case-specific questions, please submit them to the case manager at, quoting the case number in the subject line of the e-mail.