MEB fee rate change as of January 2022

The Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) increases the fee rates for authorisation applications, authorisation changes and the annual fees of human medicinal products. Fees for consultation procedures will also be increased. Fees for veterinary will remain the same, like last year.

Just like last year the MEB indexes the fee rates, because of the salary and price developments, in order to cover all costs. Based upon these developments a cost increase of 1.3% has been incorporated in the fee rates.

Based on current insights, the costs of product groups ‘medical devices’ and ‘scientific advice’ deviate too much from revenues. Therefore, fee rates for these product groups were also adjusted.

Veterinary fees and product types

The Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation (VMR) will be in place as of 28 January 2022. This will lead to a great deal of changes. Because of these changes the current fee rate structure will be evaluated and adapted if necessary. More information about the VMR can be found here.