Information for suppliers

The MEB follows the policy of the Central Government and the General Government Terms and Conditions for IT Contracts (ARBIT), the General Government Terms and Conditions for Public Service Contracts (ARVODI) and the General Government Terms and Conditions for Purchasing (ARIV). Suppliers to the central government are obliged to invoice using an electronic invoice (e-invoice).

A paper or a PDF invoice is explicitly excluded from the definition of an e-invoice and the MEB will therefore not process them.

You can find more information about sending an e-invoice to the MEB on the Tradeinterop website. If you have any questions relating to the financial process, please contact:

Financial leaflet for e-invoicing

A number of rules apply when it comes to sending an invoice to the Medicines Evaluation Board Agency (aCBG, part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport [Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport] (VWS)).

The invoice must comply with the basic invoice requirements of the Dutch government. You must only invoice for deliveries for which you have received an order, order confirmation, signed contract, or confirmation letter from the ministry. Make sure that you do not submit duplicate invoices. In other words, select one of the options described below.

The supplier/contractor must invoice aCBG electronically in XML format in 1 of the 5 following ways:

  1. By sending the e-invoice via the safe and reliable PEPPOL network. The MEB's OIN number is 00000004000000038000. Please contact the supplier of your accounting software in order to verify whether your software is connected to this network.
  2. If your accounting software package is not connected to the PEPPOL network, it is often possible to send your invoice via an established link between your accounting software package and a broker. For e-invoicing to the aCBG you can use the Tradeinterop links free of charge. Please refer to for more information. You can also send an email with an e-invoice UBL (XML), INSBOU or HR-XML attachment to
  3. Generate your e-invoice via an easily accessible online portal. To do this you can use various tools which are available on the market. For e-invoicing to the aCBG you can use the Tradeinterop portal free of charge via
  4. Send an e-invoice via a direct link with the DigiPoort. Please refer to the Guide on how to connect to Digiport for DigiPurchasing/E-Invoicing.
  5. If you are already connected to DigiPurchasing [DigiInkoop] for the aCBG, you can continue to submit your e-invoices in this way.

Options 2 and 3 take place via the VWS e-invoicing broker (currently Tradeinterop). The aCBG will pay the Tradeinterop costs for sending your e-invoices to the aCBG up to and including 31 October 2020. The aCBG will evaluate this process after 2 years. The aCBG may, following evaluation, pay the costs for 2 years extra + another 2 years extra. After this period of a maximum of 6 years, the supplier/contractor will be expected to have made the necessary arrangements to send e-invoices itself. If you opt for the services provided by Tradeinterop in the case of options 2 or 3, and you also wish to use its infrastructure for other ministries or clients, this may incur costs insofar as the services relate to e-invoicing to other ministries/clients.

Non-compliance with the above rules will constitute a reason for aCBG not to process your invoice and to return it to you. We therefore kindly request that you submit your e-invoice correctly.

More information

If you have any questions about submitting your e-invoice to the aCBG, you can send an email message to cbg-finance@cbg-meb.NL.