Suggestions and complaints handling

The MEB aims to offer you the best possible service. However, you may not be satisfied or feel that the MEB has treated you incorrectly or carelessly. The MEB would like to learn from its mistakes and improve its working method where possible. Therefore, it is important to share your experiences with the MEB.

Suggestions for improvement of service

You can send recommendations or suggestions for the improvement of our service via our contact form.

How to submit a complaint

Anyone who has any form of contact (regular or occasional) with the MEB can submit a complaint under the General Administrative Law Act.

Complaints can be submitted to the MEB both verbally (via the telephone) and in writing. Examples of complaints include reachability over the telephone, treatment, supply of incorrect information or the failure to respond to an e-mail (in a timely manner).

A complaint cannot be submitted against a decision pursuant to the Medicines Act (for example, the decision not to award a marketing authorisation). If you disagree with such a decision, you should follow the objection and appeals procedure.

The MEB has set up a complaints procedure for the handling of a complaint. It describes how the MEB handles a complaint.

You can always express your dissatisfaction verbally to the person involved in the complaint. However, if the complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you can submit your complaint in a letter or e-mail.

Please indicate as clearly as possible the nature of your complaint and whether (and if so, who) you have already contacted at the MEB.

By e-mail

The MEB would prefer to receive your complaint by e-mail. You can submit your complaint to: Please state your name, telephone number and – if relevant – the organisation that you work for.

By letter

You can send your complaint to:

Medicines Evaluation Board Agency
Postbus 8275
3503 RG Utrecht
The Netherlands

Please state your name, telephone number, address and the date, as well as the subject heading “complaint” on both the envelope and the letter.

By telephone

You can submit your complaint by telephone via Tel. +31 (88) 224 8000.