Animal Feed

The Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit (VMPU) performs a number of tasks in the domain of animal feed at the behest of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Prior consent is required before performing research with unauthorised animal feed. This is called a trial exemption. A trial exemption may include additional conditions that must be met in order to perform the trial.

A company must also request permission before developing a new animal feed additive. Animal feed additives are substances with a specific function (e.g. vitamins) that are added to animal feed on purpose. These are also called ‘additives’.

Dietetic feeds are feeds with a specific dietary objective that animals are given for their health in specific situations. For example to support the kidneys in animals with chronic kidney disease.

The authorisation of animal feed additives and dietetic feeds is handled by the SCOPAFF (Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed - Section Animal Nutrition). The VMPU supports the Ministry of Economic Affairs in its contributions to this standing committee of the European Union.

The VMPU also works for the Ministry of Economic Affairs on a project basis. The National Guidance on the substantiation of Claims made on Animal Nutrition and the Newsletter on the use of herbs in animal feed are examples of this. A claim is any statement that an animal feed has specific properties.

NVWA certification and authorisation

Companies that manufacture, process, trade or transport animal feed must be recognised or certified to do so by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). More information on this topic is available from the NVWA website.

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