MEB delighted about the EMA move to Amsterdam

The Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) is pleased to welcome the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Amsterdam. In its declaration of candidacy, the Netherlands stated that the MEB would support all aspects of the EMA if headquartered in Amsterdam. This means that the MEB, in close cooperation with the EMA, will be working on the availability of good and safe medicines for humans and animals both in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Hugo Hurts, Executive Director of the MEB, says: “We see it as a great honour that the Netherlands has finally been selected via a draw of lots after a vote by the 27 European Member States and we would like to welcome the EMA to Amsterdam. The MEB is one of the main European players in the centralised assessment of medicines and pharmacovigilance. We are looking forward to continuing the cooperative relationship with the EMA in its new home. The MEB will assist in the relocation of the EMA to Amsterdam so that the continuity and quality of medicines authorisation and monitoring will remain at the same high level, in the interests of the patients.”

Extra capacity

Since the end of March 2017, the MEB has been preparing for taking over part of the extra work that will arise due to Brexit. Continuity of medicines regulation in Europe is key. For that reason the Dutch government is investing €2 million in extra capacity for the MEB in the coming years. About 25 new staff will be recruited as part of that capacity expansion. The Netherlands is also investing €8 million in reinforcing the European network by facilitating extra training opportunities for the other national medicines authorities. The MEB will be implementing this programme.