Land leased out by Utrecht University for new-build RIVM and MEB

On 16 July 2015, Utrecht University leased the plot of land where new offices are to be built for the RIVM and MEB to the Central Government Real Estate Agency. Now that the building plot has become available, preparations are being made to start building in Utrecht Science Park De Uithof in the autumn of 2015.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has commissioned the construction of the new flexible, sustainable and energy-efficient offices for two knowledge institutes: the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB). Employees will move into the new building in 2018.

Artitst impression nieuwbouw CBG en RIVM op USP
Design: Felix Claus Dick Van Wageningen Architecten, Visualisation: bmd in cooperation with wax

RIVM and MEB together

Both the RIVM and the MEB work in the field of human health and a healthy living environment. The exchange of knowledge with national and international knowledge partners and the dissemination of this knowledge to society are vital in this regard. The location and the design of the new building will stimulate this exchange of knowledge. For Utrecht University, the cooperation with the RIVM and the MEB will strengthen its profile in the field of Life Sciences, particularly in Public Health and Sustainability. In addition to this, the RIVM and MEB will provide a fantastic impulse to the further development of Utrecht Science Park De Uithof. The location in the centre of the country, on the edge of Utrecht Science Park De Uithof, will make both organisations more visible to society.

The RIVM is currently located on Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan in Bilthoven, on a site measuring approximately 35 hectares, where many buildings will require modification in the years ahead. An investigation revealed that new-build will be cheaper than renovation of the existing buildings. The new building will be significantly smaller than the total size of the existing buildings. The intention to bring the MEB and the RIVM together under one roof in the USP was announced in early 2012.

Facts and figures

The new-build will be almost 80 metres high and have 18 storeys. The building will have 1,676 workplaces for approximately 2,200 employees. The floor space is approximately 70,000 m2, with nearly 17,000 m2 reserved for laboratories. There will be a garage for approximately 850 bicycles, 25 motorbikes and space to park company vehicles inside the building (the expedition courtyard). A total of 420 parking spaces will be available to employees and visitors, 210 of which will be located near the building and 210 in P&R De Uithof.

Sustainable use

The new building has many sustainable features. The building is cooled and heated in an energy-neutral manner, with the required energy being generated locally and in a sustainable manner, using geothermal heating.  The building will be energy-efficient due to the technical systems, generation and equipment that have been selected. Landscaping inside and outside the building will contribute to a pleasant and healthy experience in the building and its surroundings. The green roofs and walls will provide insulation in both the winter (retaining heat) and summer (cooling effect).

Duurzame sloop Wentgebouw
Source: Utrecht University

F.A.F.C. Went building (1974)

Utrecht University has sustainably demolished the Went building, colloquially referred to as the Punch Card. Almost all the materials from the Went building will be recycled. The Went building officially closed its doors on 31 January 2013. The building dates from 1974 and was initially used by Dentistry students and was modified in 1990/1991 to accommodate the studies Pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry.