Supervision of the MEB

Internal supervision: review committee & complaints committee

Under the General Administrative Law Act (Awb), interested parties are entitled to submit objections to decisions made by the MEB and to state their opinions before a review committee. Decisions concerning objections are always taken during MEB meetings. Interested parties may subsequently lodge an objection to the MEB’s decision with the competent court. Moreover, any person may file a complaint with the MEB complaints committee or with the National Ombudsman. The complaints committee handles complaints in conformity with the Awb.

External supervision

  • Advisory Board. The MEB has an Advisory Board formed on the basis of national legislation and the MEB management regulations. This Advisory Board may make recommendations - either solicited or unsolicited - on the MEB’s strategic course and its functioning. Is the MEB fulfilling its statutory duties? And most importantly, is it providing sufficient insight into its duties and tasks?
  • Minister. The Minister may give instructions concerning the MEB’s general policy and processes and those of our supportive Agency.

Applicable regulatory framework of the MEB

  • MEB Management regulations and mandate
  • Directive 2001/83/EC
  • Dutch Medicines Act and the appropriate ministerial regulations
  • Independent Administrative Bodies Framework Act
  • General Administrative Law Act
  • Code of Conduct on Integrity
  • Regulations set by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
  • The MEB Strategic Business Plan
  • The MEB Annual Report