MEB Annual report 2012

This is the annual report of the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB). In this annual report, the MEB gives account of the activities it carried out in 2012. The MEB also pays attention to the course followed in 2012 as laid out in the 2009-2013 Strategic Business Plan.

The theme of this annual report is ‘Change gives room for ambitions’. This theme indicates that the MEB initiated and underwent many changes in the past year. The necessary steps were taken to realise the objectives of the Strategic Business Plan, including work on the further development of a scientifically robust, consistent and transparent evaluation system. By focussing on the ambitions of @nders Werken, the MEB continued to improve the possibilities of serving its clients optimally. The move literally allowed the MEB to make room for its ambitions.

The annual report has been arranged to separate facts and figures visually from the remaining text. This allows the reader to browse or read the report more in depth according to his/her prior knowledge and interest. With this design, we are striving to realise an accessible and transparent way of reporting our activities.