MEB Annual report 2011

This is the Annual Report of the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB). In this annual report, the MEB gives account of the activities it carried out in 2011. The MEB also pays attention to the course laid out in the 2009 – 2013 Strategic Business Plan.

The theme of this annual report is ‘Continuous improvement through scientific underpinning’. This theme indicates that the MEB is always searching for ways to reinforce the quality of its work. Insight into the latest scientific state of affairs contributes to this to an important extent. These insights may relate to both clinico-pharmaceutical developments and the regulatory framework which is relevant to medicinal product evaluation and monitoring. To develop this knowledge, interaction with external experts is essential. This is why an underpinning in clinico-scientific and academic networks is one of the MEB’s five strategic objectives. One important objective of the MEB remains investment in the further development of a scientifically robust, consistent and transparent evaluation system. Major steps forward have been taken in the realisation of these objectives during 2011.

In this annual report, using interviews, we illustrate how scientific participation and insights have contributed to the execution of the MEB’s responsibilities in 2011. You will also find an overview in figures and examples of the challenges the MEB encountered in 2011 in carrying out its task and mission. With this approach, we strive for an accessible, transparent and patient-oriented way of reporting our activities.